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Visual Identity Awards Winners 2017. Logo design and branding. Graphic design and brand identity.

We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2017 International Visual Identity Awards.

The top prize of International Visual Identity of the Year goes to Unisono from Bahrain. 

Visual Identity of the Year: Al Nooh by Unisono, Bahrain

Category winners and runners-up:

Hospitality, Travel & Leisure

Mor8 Design Studio, United States

Silver: Mireldy Studio, Croatia

Bronze: Creative Punch, Lebanon


Unisono, Bahrain

Silver: Tandem, Egypt

Bronze: Peel, United Kingdom

Public sector

Kirk & Holm, Denmark

Silver: Gorricho Diseño, Argentina

Bronze: Alsayegh Media, United Arab Emirates


Szu-Chen Lin, United States

Silver: Ink Inch Design, United Kingdom


Phosworks, Sweden

Silver: Eventerprise, South Africa

Bronze: LEVEL Brand, United States

Media and publishing

Cape Rock, Netherlands

Silver: Regina Souli, Greece

Bronze: Sophia Georgopoulou | Design, Greece

Professional services

Jason Whitworth, United States

Silver: ByMcGowan, United Kingdom

Bronze: Visual Identity Creative, United Kingdom

Food and drink

Apatyt, United Kingdom

Silver: Tandemm Agency, United States

Bronze: Raineri Design, Italy


Kirk & Holm, Denmark

Silver: Brandma', Sweden

Bronze: Unisono, Bahrain


Phosworks, Sweden

Silver: Kreatorium, Czech Republic

Bronze: Reform, Switzerland

Charity and non-profit

Rich Prior Design, United States

Silver: Mad River, United Kingdom

Bronze: RBL Brand Agency, United Kingdom

Financial services

Think, Italy

Silver: Unisono, Bahrain


RBL Brand Agency, United Kingdom

Silver: Entendre Studios, Hong Kong

Bronze: Plack, Hong Kong


Kirk & Holm, Denmark

Silver: Market Reactive, United Kingdom

Bronze: Sophia Georgopoulou | Design, Greece

Consumer Products

Muxima Bio, Portugal

Silver: Brandma', Sweden

Bronze: Dream Ming, China


Kelly O'Keefe, United States


Claire Moore, United States

Silver: Zhaoyi Wang, United States

Bronze: Jung Yeon Kim, United States


The following categories had no shortlisted entries in 2017: 

Retail, Transport, Telecommunications

Many congratulations to all our winners.