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Musikhuset Brand

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Kirk & Holm: Musikhuset

Musikhuset_01 logo.jpg

Musikhuset Esbjerg (Esbjerg Performing Arts Centre) is a place where you meet all kinds of creative expression; theatre and music performance, art installations, events, conferences and architecture itself – just to mention a few. The institution was established 20 years ago, in 1997. Now, we got an opportunity to refresh the image and identity for Musikhuset Esbjerg and one more time remember the audience, what a vivid and energetic place it is. We want to describe this place with the adjectives vivid and energetic. Moreover, we took a lot of inspiration from the architecture itself. The building designed by Jan and Jørn Utzon is now an icon in the city landscape. Phenomenal geometry, octagonal pillars and walls inclined exactly 8 degrees are translated into a visual language of Musikhuset Esbjerg. One can see it in the way the pictures are cropped, the way business cards are cut or the letters are designed in the logo. Also, we wrote a script and directed a promotional video that reflects Musikhuset’s dynamic and playfulness. We are glad to present a consequent, dynamic and unique visual identity for Musikhuset Esbjerg.

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