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Muxima Brand

Muxima brand. Logo. Visual identity. Branding. Design. Graphic design.

Muxima brand

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Muxima is a platform which curates, produces and showcases the best of art, science, education and technology, and everything revolves on the topic of Identity. We want to shine a light on the misrepresented and underrepresented through these areas, by pushing the status quo and creating visionary alternatives in order to change the narrative. I can tell you about our next project which illustrates this very well. We’re promoting a Debate for next month, about a brutal violation of basic human rights that happened 40 years ago in Angola, that to this day hasn’t been acknowledged. 30.000 people were murdered because they didn’t agree with the current regime. We want to pay homage to these victims, have the world know about this injustice, and have the Angolan government acknowledge its past. Also, we’ve defied several artists to create pieces illustrating this tragic event; writers to make essays about this; a documentary is also being made, and it will all culminate on the day of the event, amplifying the discussion to reach more people from all walks of life. We stand up for our beliefs & use creative forms to showcase what needs to change & express fresh, new and sometimes radical alternatives. Pushing boundaries and Disrupting a bit beyond the comfort zone, with Truth, Honesty and Authenticity, touching people emotionally and leaving a mark. On the science and technology side, we’ve created a range of products for textured hair. Muxima Caviar System is our first range of products, with premium ingredients in the highest concentrations available on the market. They’re a first for us and a first for textured hair. Each Muxima product is made with new formulations and premium ingredients—bio-marine anti-aging caviar protein, gold, Prodew 500, antioxidant orchid extract—in the highest concentrations. Muxima products contain no parabens, no sulphates, no artificial fragrances or colour. All products are cruelty-free, and dermatologically tested and produced in Europe. The brand is artistic, inventive and inclusive, serving as a platform for real representations of diversity, and celebrating texture through the work of creatives, artists and activists who are making waves, pushing through barriers and defying stereotype. Muxima represents a new and inspiring narrative for people of colour and mixed heritage.

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