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Feral Horses Brand

Feral Horses Brand. Visual Identity. Graphic design. Logo. Branding. Design.

Think Graphic: Feral Horses

Feral 2 logo.jpg

From the very start, the design of Feral Horses’ visual identity has shown many complexities. First of all, the brand has three diverse targets: art enthusiasts, professional traders, and curious achievers. Secondly, the company operates within the contemporary art investment field, which is overly elitist and underdeveloped. Therefore, the naming had to express the business vision of freeing art investment. The outcome of this reflection ended-up being "Feral Horses". With such a bold and strong name, referring to the idea of an animal returning to the wild after a period of captivity, the challenge was to visually translate those business values and abstract concepts. Finally, due to Feral Horses’ mission to mingle the artistic world with the financial one, it was also crucial to come up with a fil rouge that would have brought some harmony and would have balanced creativity and uniqueness with strictness and standards. Keywords: innovation, modularity, security, strength, creativity and art.

Fereal 1 logo.jpg
Feral 4 logo.jpg