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Esbjerg brand

Kirk&Holm. Branding agency. Visual identity for Gymnasium Esbjerg. Logo. Design. Brand.

Kirk & Holm: Gymnasium Esbjerg

EG_01 logo.jpg

How do you identify both the school and the students but at the same time show the uniqueness and individual character of everybody? For us the solution was a modular and playful design organised by a structured mesh of a hexagon. We designed the main logo for Esbjerg Gymnasium (High school) together with over 3,000 combinations of logos for the students. Students receive generated unrepeatable logos for their personal use and yet they remain a part of a school community. We developed a special online app where the particular logo for each student can be acquired. The colour and shape combination provides symbols for the next 10 years of new school classes. But the design is not only for students, the calm colour palette and clear typography serves the school administration and representatives as well.

EG_02 brand.jpg
EG_03 brand.jpg