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Fleur Brand

Fleur du Mal brand. Logo. Design. Visual Identity. Branding.

Szu-Chen Lin: Fleur Du Mal

Fleur-3 logo.png

Fleur du Mal is a ready-to-wear and lingerie brand. Inspired by Baudelaire’s “Les fleurs du mal,” or “The flowers of evil,” Fleur du Mal that was all about “curating desire and inspiring discovery.” Thus, I would like to set this brand in a different postition. Different from Victoria Secret (sweet & sexy), Pink (young & sporty), La Petite Coquette (premium & fine) Since the duality found in the name of the brand Fleurs du mal (The flowers of evil) became the conceptual starting point for the brand identity and personality, the conceptual for the brand identity and personality is to balance this duality: “sensual yet sexy,” “elegant yet provocative,” “edgy yet chic,” and “playful yet timeless”. Therefore, the campaign concept is “Duality in every woman.” The reason why I used bloody red poppy flowers is the symbol of the flower which is death, peace and sleep. It can deliver the message of fatal attraction and dark romance to the customers. Also, using overlapping images, contrast colours to reinforce the concept “Duality in every woman”

Fleur-6 logo.png