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Spotted #10


The Visual Identity Awards' team's weekly round-up of the daily shots we take on London's streets of logos, typography, branding and graphic design. 


Spotted #10

Adrian Dinsdale

It's time for our weekly round-up of the branding, logo, typography and graphic design shots that have caught our eyes on the streets of our home city of London. 

The first image we feature this week is one of a logo that we see on an almost daily basis, that of Crossrail, the ambitious railway project that will see east and west London connected by a new line. It's an identity that most Londoners are familiar with. Recently however, it was announced that the Crossrail name would disappear after construction, to be replaced by something a little more regal. From its opening in 2018, the railway will be called the Elizabeth Line, in honour of the UK's reigning monarch. 

It continues a tradition of giving Underground lines a royal connection through their names but we can only hope that the service on the line will be suitably top class to reflect its grand moniker.