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The Visual Identity Awards' team's weekly round-up of the daily shots we take on London's streets of logos, typography, branding and graphic design. 


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For the collective good?

Adrian Dinsdale

Last week, Simon Manchipp, Executive Creative Director at London agency SomeOne urged designers to change the way they view the work of their peers. Interviewed by The Drum, Manchipp railed against what he says is the negative impact created by designers who are publically critical of each other’s work. In his opinion it creates an atmosphere of doubt around the profession which harms its potential for growth.

At the IVIAs, we’re passionate about the power of good design to improve our environment and have a positive economic impact on everyone and believe that more work needs to be done to give brand and visual identity design the recognition it deserves.

But are designers really one of the worst professions when it comes to openly criticising each other’s work? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.