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The Visual Identity Awards' team's weekly round-up of the daily shots we take on London's streets of logos, typography, branding and graphic design. 


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A Mitie fine way to launch a new identity?

Adrian Dinsdale

Think at the way companies normally launch a brand identity. If there's budget, then the gathered press and dignitaries are invariably treated to a grand sound and light show, at which the CEO espouses the virtues of why this identity and no other could possibly encapsulate the brand values that the firm holds so dear. 

But what about the journey to get to this point? It's usually a secret process hidden away from the public eye, as if a magical and mystical combination of forces has come together in a hidden laboratory to create something that can only be revealed when it's perfectly formed.

So imagine our surprise to see the huge UK group Mitie reveal in a launch video some of the many logo iterations that it went through to get to the final version of its new identity.

What price transparency? New logos are so often the source of much debate both inside and outside a firm that it seems brave to reveal the alternatives that almost made the cut. Or is this the future of visual identity design, where stakeholders of all kinds are given the power to debate the virtues of one design over another?

It's an interesting debate and one we'd love to hear your views on in the comments section.