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Visual Identity of the Year

The story behind our Visual Identity of the Year

Caselli Strategic Design was tasked with creating the territorial branding for the Lugano Region, situated in the very south of Switzerland.

Lugano represents a very atypical destination within Switzerland: palm trees, olive oil, and Mediterranean weather and cuisine can all be found in a safe, quiet and efficient Swiss environment.

The brand essence that emerged from this context is "differently Swiss" which has been translated visually in an alteration of the Swiss flag to form the letter "L" of Lugano. A graphic system that aims at displaying the variety of the regional offer was conceived by designing for each category a specific font in order to give a different connotation to the letter “L”.

The launch of the brand received national media coverage and two of the most important municipalities of the region have already requested to host branded installations on their territory, while all main commercial players have proposed their help in spreading the brand through out the territory, showing great willingness to be all part of and represented by the new brand, showing an extraordinary spirit of membership and belonging.