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SPL Brand

The visual identity of the SPL Energetica brand. The logo and branding and story behind the design.

Raineri Design: SPL Energetica

SPLenergetica01 logo.jpg

The agency’s first task was restyling the logo. The spiral element distinguishes the SPL energetic brand, a symbol of expansion and development representing energy, perfection, growth and coherence. The sector in which the company operates revolves around these concepts, so it was necessary to create a new logo that reflected SPL energetica’s mission and values.

Together with this symbol, blue and orange were the basic colours considered when designing and producing the new logo. Bearing in mind, therefore, the “spiral” element, this was stylised using warm colours such as tones of yellow and orange, recalling both the old logo and the concept of solar energy (around which, in fact, spin the company’s services). Blue, again to maintain a connection with the old logo, was used for the name of the company forming the text. Further underlining SPL’s sphere of activities, the payoff “Thinking energy” was added, in the same warm colours of the brand.

The next step, after constructing the logo, was the company’s coordinated image which included business cards, headed stationery, writing materials, stands for trade fairs, and online communication: website and social media.