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Rajd Brand

The visual identity of Rajd. The logo and branding and story behind the design.

Brandma: Rajd

Rajd is a Sami word meaning "a strictly organized group of reindeers when they move between pastures". Rajd is also an IT company based in northern Sweden, which offers unique digital security solutions for proving grounds, especially in snow and ice testing of cars and tyres. Rajd developed an app that keeps track of the cars in the premises, gives access to different parts of the area and registers data from the tests. Rajd wanted their new identity to differ significantly from their competitors and communicate their Northern legacy, control, safety and efficiency. The logotype is a symbol with an R, interlaced with a circle that leads the mind to car-related objects like tires and steering wheels. The identity also includes a colour palette, a pattern and a graphic element. The colours are inspired by the snowy landscapes of northern Sweden, and long, dark winter nights. The pattern resembles the tread of a tyre, and the graphic element, the curves of the proving ground.