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Oncode Institute Brand

The visual identity of the Oncode Institute brand. The logo and branding and story behind the design.

Momkai: Oncode Institute


For the past two years, Momkai has been working on the launch of Oncode Institute. Together we’re creating not a new building but a knowledge community, one in which leading scientists work toward common goals: helping more cancer patients survive, improving quality of life for those afflicted, and ultimately curing the disease. Outsmarting cancer, impacting lives.

We are proud to have designed Oncode Institute from the ground up – from the name to the full visual identity, from the tagline to the founding principles book, from the digital platform to the royal launch event. Every step of the way, we’ve worked in close collaboration with the Oncode team, the five Founding Scientists, and the four funders, who will invest €120 million over five years.

Designing an empowering identity started with defining Oncode’s core principles in a strong, accessible manifesto. Clearly stating what we stood for enabled us to develop a powerful, future-oriented name: Oncode Institute. The name fuses the word “oncology” with the aim of unravelling cancer’s genetic code while communicating the authority and unifying power of the institute. The accompanying tagline respects the complexity of cancer and amplifies the unique focus on translating research into practice: Outsmarting cancer, Impacting lives.

Eager to tap into Oncode’s core purpose, we found inspiration in visualisations of the human genome and the irregularities that lead to cancer. We used abstraction and motion design to create a logo that represents Oncode’s aim of decoding cancer, the dynamics of the disease, and the institute’s unifying strategy. The result is an ever-changing logo – never the same but always recognisable. We completed the identity by creating a colour palette that sets Oncode apart from its peers. It’s a friendly set of colours that acknowledges and draws on Oncode’s Dutch heritage.

A visual identity comes to life in its application. For Oncode’s launch event, we deployed our design in a wide range of media, from scientists’ keynote presentations and the institute’s website (developed in-house) to business cards and decorations. Even Her Majesty Queen Máxima held our designs in her hands as she officially launched the new cancer institute.

From the very genesis of Oncode Institute, Momkai has been working to design its launch event and visual identity and digital presence as an independent institute dedicated to understanding cancer and translating research into practice.

momkai_case_oncode_book_01 logo.jpg
momkai_case_oncode_cards_01 logo.jpg