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Museum of Gdansk Brand

The visual identity of Museum of Gdansk. The logo and branding and story behind the design.

Museum of Gdansk


The new visual identity of the museum was implemented in 2018, together with a new webpage and the change of name to Museum of Gdańsk. We created a strong, recognisable sign in the shape of the coat of arms, based on two simplified emblems, the cross and crown, which can be multiplied in various combinations with basic and additional palettes of silver, gold, red and navy blue colours. The number of the elements refers to the number of museum branches owned by Museum of Gdańsk. Two elements of the logo are found in the city’s coat of arms, and have been used from the 14th century onwards. The basic colours, i.e. navy blue (for the sea) and red (for gothic bricks and the basic colour of the city emblem) strongly refer to the medieval harbour city. The visual identity has been implemented by Musuem of Gdańsk across all touchpoints from promotional gadgets or stationery to wayfinding signs in front of the branches of the museum.

Internet Graphics and promo logo.png
New bag Museum of Gdańsk logo.jpg