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Meira Brand

The visual identity of Meira restaurant. The logo and branding and story behind the design.

327 Creative Studio: Meira

This restaurant is located in the 4-star Hotel in Vila Praia de Âncora, managed by the same family since 1935. As a result of a renovation project in the restaurant and the hotel, the global concept of the restaurant was renewed, with a vision of a modern but inspired place infused with the history of the area and its characteristic dishes, with a strong focus on honest food. This branding project is an ode to the fauna of Vila Praia de Âncora and the fishing of codfish, a very well known practice of this area. The type design of the logo was inspired by the old fisherman passports, and a codfish illustration forms part of the visual identity itself. Restaurant menus and communication materials are full of small type details, related to old fishermen’s letters. The old and worn graphics make a bridge between the two worlds, past and present.

Meira_Restaurant logo.jpg
Meira_Restaurant_Flyer logo.jpg
Meira_Restaurant_Branding logo.jpg