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Fano Vesterland Brand

The visual identity of the Fano Vesterland brand. The logo and branding and story behind the design.

Kirk & Holm: Fanø Vesterland

FanoVesterland_01 logo.jpg

Logo design and visual identity for a music festival on the island Fanø. The project is a rebranding of an old image and name. Previously called Fanø Rocker, the festival seemed old-fashioned and didn’t reflect the music played nor the right mood.

Fanø Vesterland is a cozy but hip event with a wide range of rock, folk and indie music. The identity is fresh, vibrant and flexible. The typographical logo has specially designed letters A and V that resemble a ferry that takes you to and from the island, but the main feature of the logo is the letter Ø which in Danish means island.

Through the entire identity, the letter Ø is used as a main graphic element. It varies within a carefully selected colour palette and colour combinations.

FanoVesterland_02 logo.jpg
FanoVesterland_04 logo.jpg