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Colton Khoo Brand

The visual identity of Colton Khoo brand. The logo and branding and story behind the design.

Proportion Design: Colton Khoo

colton logo mockup.jpg

The Colton Khoo Diversity Scholarship was founded in 2017 to recognise students who value and respect diversity. The annual scholarship provided the first sum of money in 2018 to students entering an accredited college who have boldly proven their dedication to inclusion, understanding, openness and respect for diversity.

David Colton, cofounder of the scholarship believes “making this statement every year sends a positive message to the community, to the kids,” therefore, the logo needed to make a similar statement itself. The iconic mark portrays a sense of stability and endurance while still being fun and playful. While simple in form, the duality of the mark being both a monogram and a figure reading, provides interest and a deeper narrative.

The colour palette is lively and energetic, much like the founders of the scholarship. Their energy and enthusiasm for inclusion is at the heart of the scholarship’s brand. Overall, the elements developed create a balanced, accessible identity that feels optimistic, welcoming and approachable.

colton logo mockup_3.jpg
colton logo mockup_4.jpg