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The Visual Identity Awards' team's weekly round-up of the daily shots we take on London's streets of logos, typography, branding and graphic design. 


Spotted #15

Adrian Dinsdale

When France's Michelin tyre company outgrew its London offices in the early part of the twentieth century, Edouard and Andre Michelin decided that a purpose-built headquarters should be built to accommodate the growing firm. 

In a master stroke of PR and branding, the design conjured up by Michelin employee Francois Espinasse would stamp Michelin's presence on a prominent route into London in a way that no one could have foretold. 

A flurry of exuberant stylistic individualism, the Michelin building has become one of London's most loved buildings and one of the city's most elegant examples of how branding was brought to life in Edwardian Britain. 


What else we've spotted...

Spotted #14

Adrian Dinsdale

How do you create a new identity for London's Science Museum that can appeal to a broad audience and also not resort to the predicable images of test tubes and mad professors in white coats?

This was the challenge faced by design agency Johnson Banks, when they were asked to re-brand the museum a few years ago. 

The solution draws on research that the agency undertook on codes, puzzles, patterns and basic digital typefaces to create an identity that cleverly appears to have a different meaning for each person that sees it. 

Science Museum.jpg

What else we've spotted....