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Why enter

Why should you enter?

There are numerous benefits to entering, aside from that warm glow of satisfaction when you find out you've won!

Winning an award can:

Provide excellent PR and marketing opportunities

Help you break in to new markets and countries

Enhance the credibility of your services

Attract talent to your team and motivate your employees

But what makes these awards different?

We founded the awards with a clear vision to provide an equal opportunity for all types of entry, from the freelance designer, through to small design studios and large branding agencies. All entries are judged equally. 

Each entry is assessed against submissions in its own category, so healthcare entries will be up against other healthcare entries for example. It’s an obvious idea but one that does not tend to happen for this kind of design competition. This also means that your work has a higher chance of winning, since it's not competing with all the other IVIA entries. 

We’re independent. We’re not affiliated to a publication. We’ve not been created by designers. We are simply a group of people who are passionate about good design.

We are truly international in that we are committed to drawing our pool of judges from all four corners of the globe.

Who is the team?

We are a small and nimble team with experience across advertising, events, visual identity and awards competitions (having been involved with the International Photography Awards, Lucie Awards and Pilsner Urquell International Master Bartender competition).

Why are we doing this?

We've set ourselves a lofty goal. We're out to change perceptions of visual identity around the world. We don't just see ourselves as a platform for the celebration and rewarding of great design work but a forum to engender debate on a global scale around the importance of visual identity and its place in our lives.

It's an important debate and one we felt could be encouraged within the context of an independent international design competition that recognises the best visual identity work globally and the positive impact of a discipline that is so often misunderstood.